Nick fury x reader

Nick fury x reader

I hope you enjoy! Tony stood, arms crossed, feet apart, stupid, smug face staring up at you from the glossy cover.

Nick Fury/Quote

You tossed the magazine onto the coffee table, leaned your head back, and let out a long groan. Stark does not want my help. You let out a snort. Promptly upon this answer there was a large explosion and Tony came stumbling into the common room from the slightly smoky hallway, waving a hand in front of his face.

You resumed fanning yourself when two hands, one warm flesh and the other slightly cool metal, were placed on your shoulders. Hand-in-hand, Bucky punched in the password for the hanger and you both boarded a Quinjet. Bucky situated himself in the pilot seat and you sat next to him in the co-pilot seat. Bucky eased the jet out of the hanger and once it was leveled above the clouds he flipped the autopilot button on.

This is a great surprise! When you pulled away you pecked Bucky lightly on the lips. You threw your head back in laughter. You stepped off the jet and took in a deep breath of fresh, ocean air. Bucky came to your side and took your hand into his.

You laid your towels down and made little mounds of sand on the corners to prevent them from being blown away. You sat down and Bucky followed suit. You let out a squeal of excitement. You carefully took it from him and just held it in your hands. You smiled after him before settling down into your book. You lost count of how long you had been reading and had to stop yourself at the halfway mark because you wanted to save some to read on the flight back.

Making note of the page you were on you closed the book and set it gently on the beach towel. You stood and cupped your hands around your eyes to shield them from the sun as you searched for Bucky. You made out his faint shape bobbing in the sea with every gentle crest of a wave. Shedding your shall it flutters to the ground, landing in a pile at your feet. Stepping off the towel you close your eyes in bliss and let out a sigh, toes curling in the warm, ruff sand under your bare feet.

Your hair tickled your face, blown by the soft ocean breeze. You began to walk towards the ocean. Colorful birds flitted about, swooping and diving, chasing after invisible insects. Taking lights steps you made your way down to the edge of the ocean.Summary: Waiting 88 years to find your soulmate? It was cruel. But it was a cruel fate Bucky would have to face whether he accepted it or not. All he had was the promise of one in another life. They were separated by two different times.

But the pain in their lives were connected.

nick fury x reader

All she could depend on was the soulmate that was destined to be at her side. Yet when the snap occured she lost him. And Bucky never got to meet her.

nick fury x reader

The house looked different. Maybe it was the clouds shifting to block the sun or maybe it was the out of character vacancy of the street she lived on. The children she once watched play everyday on the sidewalks were missing from their usual spots and the adults who chatted with their neighbors had vanished as well.

It made her stomach churn. The agent got out as well, walking around the car and leaning against the side as he directed a bored gaze at the house. She nodded numbly before starting up the driveway. Her nerves were overwhelming both from the fear of facing her parents after running away and from the strange atmosphere her once blissful neighborhood presented.

Growing up in the neighborhood was very pleasant even if she would rather stay inside learning and tinkering away instead of playing outdoors with the other kids her age.

She always associated sunshine with her home. The paved walkway below her feet seemed to echo every scrape of her boots but she could hardly hear it over her heart beating in her head.

She seemed to make no progress in reaching the doorstep with every step she took and she wondered if her hesitance toward seeing her parents had somehow affected her body. The shades were drawn which was unusual, especially if her mother was home.

The woman adored natural lighting and usually kept the curtains open well into the evening. Would an apology be enough? Before she knew it she stood before the door, frozen in place. Looking back at the agent, she realized his attention had been focused on his phone instead of the girl Fury had instructed him to watch and protect. With great difficulty she returned her gaze back to the door but something caught her eye at the end of the street.

A dark figure, face obscured by the black hood over their head. The figure was tall and hulking, suggesting it was a male but any other details she might have noticed were in the wind as he disappeared from her sight. The knot in her stomach instantly dropped and she gasped breathlessly trying to shake off the dread she felt.

Her knock was uneven and fearful. He left her with such an unsettled feeling and the lack of response from her parents only worsened her suspicions as she knocked again. Once more she was left unanswered and she quickly dropped down, pulling back the welcome mat and grabbing the key she knew would be there.

She had left it when she ran away, the only back door she could think of in case things went south. When the door opened she was met with an eerie silence. Never had her home been so quiet, so void of life. It was dark, the only light coming in through the windows yet significantly dimmed by the shades.

And it was cold. So cold. She stepped forward, her fingers brushing against the door lightly and pushing it open further. The creaking from it was the only sound in the entire home and she nearly winced at the scream of protest from the wood.Loki watched as the young mortal busied herself around the room, trying her hardest not to stare at him as she pressed buttons and let her hand slide over the handle of her gun, almost relaxing at the realisation that the weapon was still there.

The girl jumped at the sound of his silky voice, quickly spinning around to stare at him, her coat taking a few seconds before it settled down, her hair on the other hand swayed back and forth across the left side of her face from the momentum of her spin. She glared at him before once again turning her back to him, going about her business as she checked on the security measures of the container.

Once again the girl turned at his voice but her will power allowed her eyes to slowly move from his face to look back at the screen, her shoulders ridged and her back straight as she tried to ignore his words.

Her long fingers moved across the touch screen in a way that made Loki wonder what they felt like to her lovers. He smirked as he saw her hand flinch slightly before she placed it back on the screen and continued to check on things, her brown eyes scanning over the words as she whispered them to herself to try and drown out his voice.

Loki could see the way her will power was slowly cracking, she wanted to spin around and say something, but he knew that her father would never allow it. That was it, he knew that he had managed to annoy her when she spun around and walked up to the glass, her gun drawn and at her side, little use it was. He watched as her eyes narrowed as they slowly moved up and then back down his body, he stood still, letting her take the sight of him in. So she did take after her father when it came to their 'I Don't Care' attitude, the way they played it cool instead of letting emotions over run them.

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He knew that somewhere Nick Fury was watching, probably clutching on to the side of his table as he saw his only child get drawn in by the words of The God Of Lies, but Loki knew better. He knew that she would never be drawn in with empty words and promises, her father gave enough of that as it was.

He saw the smirk as she spoke before she quickly hid it once more, knowing that if he saw emotions then he would use them against her. She watched as he pressed his hands against the glass, placing them against the same spot her hands were placed, his hands were only slightly bigger then hers. A loving partner, and now a child? And yet here you are, cooped up above the world while your father plays with power he does not understand.

And who does he think would make a good suitor for you, hmm? The narcissistic billionaire who has bedded more woman then he could count? The doctor who tries desperately to fix the world before his other half destroys it? Perhaps the master assassin who refused to carry out an order, instead saving the damsel he was meant to kill. Or maybe, just maybe he thinks you can catch the eyes of my brother, make him forget about the scientist he fell for when he fell to this planet in the first place.

She heard him chuckle and narrowed her eyes at him again, so the rumour was true, he could read minds. She pressed away from the glass and walked back to the screens, going back to her work as she tried to ignore Loki, who when she glanced over her shoulder had retreated to lay on his back on the bed. Well hello Director Fury. No first name basis between father and daughter?

Ooh, that does have a ring to it, does it not? But anyway, apart from my squealing about the movie, I got this idea that I had to run with, it was to good to pass up.

Plus, I don't actually like Nick Fury that much, so any chance to get under his skin is always fun! Story Story Writer Forum Community.


Movies Avengers. When she came to work for her father, she didn't believe that she would catch the attention of The God Of Lies. But Loki could never pass up an opportunity to get under Director Fury's skin, and what a better way then by charming his only daughter?

But he couldn't help having one more attempt at getting under her skin. Chapter 1 2.Halloween Prompt List 3. Schedule and Info. What i write for. My Yandere Playlist. Discord Group chat.

Originally posted by i-vongola. This was created by Vox and if you look at small print, you'll find the sources used to create the table. Obviously there are exceptions and we're getting conflicting and new information about covid all the time but by mid-august, I believe we certainly had observed enough cases for experts to put this together at least.

Previous - Next - Beginning. Read more comics on my website! Posts Submit a post Archive. You started feeling him again, his touches both rough and gentle, sometimes he would even pull your arm when calling out for you yet Jamari was never there which was enough to convince you to get the fuck out of the house you once shared With bagged packed you decided to spend one last night there, one last time in his bed reminiscing about all the soft moments you would have with him.

Hm, baby? You think cause I was gone for a couple of days means youre off to be free like that?A collection of quotes of the former S. Director Nick Fury.

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nick fury x reader

Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. You think you're the only superhero in the world? Stark, you've become part of a bigger universe, you just don't know it yet. What do you want from me? You have become a problem, a problem I have to deal with. Contrary to your belief, you are not the center of my universe.

I have bigger problems in the southwest region to deal with. You would have known us as the Strategic Scientific Reserve. I'm sorry about that little show back there, but we didn't know what your mental state might be, so we thought it best to break it to you slowly.

For almost 70 years. My docs say it was suspended animation. Could be Dr. Erskine 's formulathe extreme cold. I don't know. Did we win? Unconditional surrender. But the world hasn't changed all that much.Disney and Marvel are yet to officially confirm the report. Just how Jackson first came to play Nick Fury is fun little anecdote as traditionally the character in the comics is an older white guy. However, in the early s, Marvel Comics launched the Marvel Ultimate imprint in which they rebooted a number of their biggest characters with modern sensibilities and no complex continuity in order to draw in new readers.

And for the Ultimates, the Marvel Ultimate version of the Avengers, writer Mark Millar and artist Bryan Hitch wanted to give their comic a blockbuster feel similar to how they thought an Avengers live-action movie would play out.

When Jackson, an avid comic book reader, found out that his likeness was used, he loved it. And that apparently includes a TV series. There are still those who are willing to get up at the crack of dusk and boot up their console to find him for you. I just so happen to be one of those people.

In that case: Where is Xur? A dungeon crawling experience inspired by the classic games within an older genre, Minecraft Dungeons retains all the charm of its source material and uses it to create a game of unity, survival and adventure. Sound neat to you? Want to play it for free? Critical Hit is built on the idea that we are more than one thing.

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Load more. About US Critical Hit is built on the idea that we are more than one thing. Follow Us. Read This. Timeline 2 days ago Destiny 2: Where is Xur and whats he got for sale?Originally posted by slippykylo. This was super fun to write. I love Natasha with my whole heart and any chance to write her is a blessing.

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I just had the idea that Nat would be with another Assassin, someone who understood her. I made Steve a bit of an asshole in this one, Sorry! She is an agent like Nat and has been on a long term mission and decided to surprise her when she returns.

Cap thought she was a threat and decided to attack Reader but gets his butt kicked. You were so excited, you were practically bouncing in place. Today was the day you got to return home.

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After two long years of being undercover in an off branch of Hydra in Egypt, you had finally gotten the evidence needed to bring them down.

Two long years of sneaking letters and video calls to the love of your life. Two long years of not being able to kiss them or being able to hold them in your arms. But that was all in the past now, you were on a jet to New York. He had come with your retrieval team to speed up the debriefing process so that you could get to your wife faster.

Ant-Man vs Falcon - Fight Scene - Ant-Man (2015) Movie CLIP HD

He was the only one that knew about you and Natasha. You and Natasha had met soon after she left the red room, before she joined the Avengers. Being an assassin for hire will do that to a person. When she got recruited, she told Fury about you, her then girlfriend. He recruited you soon after, making you a top-level shield agent. A few years later, you tied the knot, still keeping your relationship a secret.

nick fury x reader

With her being an Avenger and you being a skilled undercover assassin, it was better to stay out of the limelight. Fury indulged in a rare smile. But you somehow managed to make it work. Finally you could see the tell tale rise of the Avengers tower in the distance.

You were in New York at last. So be careful while trying to surprise Natasha. You made a show of cracking your knuckles, still dressed in your Hydra uniform, you knew you made an intimidating figure. Fury laughed and let out a wave before shutting the jet door, it flying off to HQ. You let a ghost smile across your face as you entered the tower. It was your first time in the Avengers tower without being in complete undercover mode.

You were still smiling as you wound your way through the hallways that you had studied via blueprints, tapping the stun gun on your thigh and whistling a song. You knew that at this time of day, Natasha was sparring in the gym with either the team or by herself.

You turned around and came face to face with one very angry Captain America. He was dressed in a pair of sweats and a tank top, cluing you in that he had just come back from his daily jog. He had a gun in his hand, his shield nowhere in sight. Where are your comrades? It was then you realized, besides not ever meeting you, why he was acting like this.

You were still in your Hydra combat suit!

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