Proteus 2000 patches

Proteus 2000 patches

The E-mu Proteus was a range of digital sound modules and keyboards manufactured by E-mu Systems in the late twentieth century. E-mu Systems came to prominence in the s with their relatively affordable Emulator samplerand subsequently pioneered sample-based synthesis technology with the Proteus range.

Unlike the true synthesiser, sample-based equipment does not derive its raw sounds from electronic oscillators but from recorded sounds held in read-only memory ROM chips.

proteus 2000 patches

These sounds may then be layered, filteredmodulated by low frequency oscillation and shaped by envelopes. However, unlike a true sampler, such devices do not allow the user to record sounds but instead offer a range of factory sounds suitable for any given use. This type of sound production dominated electronic music production for several years in the late 20th century. The Proteus range was developed into several models, some differing from each other only by the sound banks they contained, which were optimised for different purposes.

However, since most allowed four ROM chips to be mounted, and these chips were available separately, real differences might be simply cosmetic.

The available ROM chips included the Composer, a work-horse set of sounds useful for popular music production, three orchestral ROMs, the Vintage Keys collection of electric organs, pianos and classic synthesisers, a chip dedicated to the Hammond organ and a drum ROM as well as the Orbit and Mo-Phatt collections, aimed at dance and urban genres and the Xtreme Lead, optimised for monophonic synthesiser soloing.

The original Proteus trilogy contains patches each Proteus 1, Proteus 2 and Proteus 3. However, they could be also upgraded by obtaining XR versions, having extra read-only memory ROM for more sound patches, that would have each. The Proteus released in was a 1U rack sound module based on Audity released in It contained many "bread and butter" sounds, [3] among just over a thousand waves utilising 32 megabytes of ROM.

It featured up to voice polyphony and part multi-timbrality. A cheaper Proteus model was also introduced with the same soundset and ROM but only 64 voice polyphony and fewer individual sound outputs. The Proteus also has Protozoa ROM expansions that contain the first patches of the original Proteus trilogy that were faithfully re-mastered digitally from scratch that could be purchased to add onto the module, consisting a total of patches of up to 16 MB of memory.

This 4U rack model was designed to function as a rack-mounted, front-panel-programmable sound source. It was equipped with sixteen multi-function pads and the same number of programmable knobs and had an onboard sequencer.

In the Proteus line of modules was repackaged in the form of a line of tabletop units, the XL7 and MP7 Command Stations, broadly similar to the rack-mounted in features but featuring touch-sensitive pads suitable for recording drum patterns. Proteum [6] is a free Windows software editor for Proteus and Command Stations.

Since Creative withdrew their provision of historical OS updates and manuals for most of the older E-Mu gear sometime around August[7] many of these files have been made available elsewhere, such as Synth Gear Docs Archive and the E-Mu Legacy Archive. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Sound On Sound. May Archived from the original on 8 June Sound on Sound. Retrieved E-mu Systems. Archived from the original PDF on Proteus Discover is a Digital Medicine offering that measures medication treatment effectiveness and helps physicians improve clinical outcomes. Proteus Discover is a Digital Medicine offering that measures medication treatment effectiveness and helps physicians improve clinical outcomes… Learn More.

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Patch List Proteus 2000

The Discover report for healthcare providers is easy and quick to read, smoothly integrating into current treatment workflows. Proteus Discover removes the guesswork around diagnosis and treatment by providing insight into patient health and medication effectiveness. Proteus Discover helps patients get better, faster — by providing easy access to important data around their medication-taking and health patterns, such as activity, rest and heart rate. With information in hand, patients are able to make more informed healthcare decisions and become more engaged with their overall health.

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proteus 2000 patches

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The world has discovered Proteus Digital Health.Then I had to have the Proteus 2 and then the 3. So I am no stranger to the Proteii. I've been watching the Proteus for quite some time, weighing pros and cons of getting one. I finally did bite the bullet after a few months of marveling over the XTreme Lead I found myself maxing out all 16 channels in nearly every new song and decided it would be better to get a P than wait for an XL-1 Turbo board which is unfortunately way too pricey and has to be installed at Emu.

And there was a lot to like in the Proteus Its eons beyond the old Proteii. This is not to say the old units are bad, when you want honest sample playback these units still cut the mix, especially the PII. However, the Proteusthough marketed as a "Generalists Module" sounds to my ear more like a dance module. And with the addition of the Audity 12th order filters which were included in the OS Upgrade 1. If you have an older OS check at power up you should be going to get the upgrade as you only have half the filters in your box.

Very cool to be able to stack things without much worry.

Proteus Digital Health

Plenty of outputs. Or if you want you can use them as additional outs at the board and isolate your kick and snare to get that perfect mix.

You also get a digital out, unlike the XL-1, which is bound to come in handy as the studio grows. I'm particularly thinking of mating it to my esi32 turbo to sample some of the bizarre space FX I am getting in the P2k. Space FX? Programming the P2k will yield sounds by the tonnage and its moderately fast. Naturally, the bottom line in any synth you want to program is the number and quality of samples.

Emu had to make some choices here between giving us a few hundred long quality samples or over shorter ones. They chose the latter.

There are instruments in the box--some multisamples, some single samples.

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I like that, though for those wanting to make super quality strings and lush pads and ensembles, you ought to go elsewhere. Now you can do some pretty interesting pads, but these are more of the ear candy electronic variety than the beatific emulative type.

proteus 2000 patches

The Piano is good enough for inside a mix or even by itself. It will not rival the famed Alesis piano in the QS, but its closer to Roland's session piano, though a bit colder.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam.

Music Creator 6 Touch. Global Achievements. Quality OK but a bit short on content. DimLE will suit me for now Not sure that was the true issue but works and suits my needs. Showing 1 - 9 of 9 comments. The wording is correct and not meant to confuse sorry.

For clarity Very good bang for buck. I didn't use a voucher for my purchase. The E-MU Proteus pack to be specific? Still, one good turn deserves another.

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Issue of Computer Music magazine comes with the full version of Rapture on its cover disc!! It's due out on 5th January - and will be available for digital download. Last edited by andymcnish ; 28 Dec, am. Have a look on the individual pack pages As above I think you may have to use the bit version with MC6T. DimLE will come up with a 'skippable' and fairly unobtrussive registration nag window.

When I did register, and got the Serial Key by email, it failed at first. It likely populates the key to the Windows Registry. All good running without the nag now. Thanks for the Rapture tip AndyE-Mu Zone. Check Sonicstate for user reviews. E-Mu's official site. E-Mu Reviews - Harmony Central. User reviews on a range of E-Mu keyboards and synths at Harmony-Central. E-Mu Reviews - SonicState.

User reviews on a range of E-Mu keyboards and synths at SonicState. E-Mu Z-Plane. The E-Mu Group for users of the audio hardware. E-Mu DigitalAudio Group. Audity - Audacious Universe. Audity Website. A site for users of the E-Mu Audity synth presented by Melange.

Audity Mailing List. Mailing list for the recently released Audity synthesizer. For users of emu samplers with an emphasis on drum n bass and breaks production. E-Mu Modular. E-Mu - Philipp Koltsov. Philipp provides patches and resources for many synths including Classic Keys and Proteus 1. Classic - Philipp Koltsov.

Philipp provides patches and resources for many older synths. E4 Series - Emu E4 Zone. Emax OS. Emax I and II info. Emax 1 - Carsten's Hompage. Carsten offers a hard drive upgrade modification for the Emax 1, plus hints, tips and other resources.

Emulator III Forum. Forum for discussion dedicated to the Emulator III.

proteus 2000 patches

Emulator Archive. Emulator manuals are also available online. Also home of the ES1 Mailing List. Download Emax samples. Windows software to allow you to manage sample banks for the ESi series samplers. WAV export now supported.DX Patches by Dan studio-central member. Here is the sysex of my DX user bank patches. The patches are in no particular order and many don't have any sequence pattern data. One of the quirks of the DX and AN is that the patch data is inseperable from the sequence pattern data.

A few of the patches are personal favorites from the DX's factory presets or tweaked vewrsions thereof and quite a few are DX7 patches that I've found and, in many cases, tweaked.

One of my personal favorites is Here's presets--a full bank-- made with a stock proteus Lots of industrial noises, LFO's synced to clocks, drum loops yep, figured it out ambient and trance effects, and a better OBX horn patch then you'll find in the factory programs. There's pads, clocked voxs, arpeggios, space FX too. TX basses are now refined 'cause you have to have these just right. Just added some well tweaked orchestras, massive pads and a somewhat better pipe organ it will improve!

You also get some "default" patches that I made that optimize knob twists along the lines of the P2k conventions. These are incredibly valuable because you can simply change instruments and get hundreds of great analog-ish tones.

And check out the classic guitar--didn't quite finish it tho. Read more about this bank. Listen to an mp3 demo of these sounds 4. This is the beginning of what may end up being a commercial bank. So it's a bank in development right now-very experimental--as I am pushing the p2k to its limits to see what I can get away with.

You'll find more than a few surprises as some sounds I've made have nothing like it in the factory banks. As of Update 13 : Now that I've made presets I have now started the task of refining and adding the tweakheadz touch of quality.The Proteus is a reincarnation of the economic Proteus rack module series of the early nineties. While its synthesis architecture is virtually the same as the original Proteus, the Proteus is packed with major new features, sounds and expandability for the most demanding professionals!

The sounds it ships with are called the "Composer" soundset, offering you 1, presets 1, ROM, user. The sounds cover the whole spectrum of synthesizer type sounds, from real instruments to bizarre sounds and effects. As seen on previous Proteus modules, there are six individual polyphonic outputs. But unlike its predecessors there are now multi-mode resonant filters plus 50 Z-Plane filters passed down from the Morpheus and UltraProteus.

Plus four real-time controls allow you to access any of up to 12 parameters, giving you instant control over your sounds right from the front-face of the module.

The Proteus is a light, compact module designed for use with sequencers. It can be your main sound module, or one of many. Either way there's an immense amount of great sounds at your fingertips for any music application! A voice keyboard version is available too, the PK-6 Proteus Keys. Current E-mu sound modules ship with one 32 MB sound-set each, but are expandable up to MB via three additional slots for 32 MB expansion cards. If you like desktop synths, you can start with an MP-7 or XL-7, and then add these same expansion card options to add Proteus, Orchestral, or the new Halo sounds to them.

Images from Perfect Circuit Audio. E-mu Proteus VSE Rating. User Rating. Check Prices. Rack Ears for EMU Proteus I'm looking to acquire two rack ears for the Proteus rack mount synth, anybody willing to sell any?

Or perhaps know where I can purchase a set? Thanks Read more Read more I've read that View the discussion thread.

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Manual Download the original owner's manual from SoundProgramming. Polyphony - voices. LFO - 2 per voice. Filter - multiple types with resonance, including Z-Plane filters. Effects - dual stereo-effects processor with 29 reverbs types, 15 delay types, 8 chorus types, 7 flange types, 5 distortion types. Keyboard - None. Control - MIDI 32 multitimbral parts.

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